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Our Utility

We’ve thought long and hard about a utility for Baby Bitcoin, there are a number of things we need to take into account.

  1. Where the funds for the utility come from
  2. Whether it improves the coin
  3. That our current investors will be happy
  4. That any marketing exposure is maximised

We know it’s odd for a coin to announce a utility when it’s already launched, but we felt we needed to see how Baby Bitcoin was adopted by the crypto community before we decided on the best course of action.

We’ve decided that making charity donations to neo-natal units (hospital departments that help babies that are born too early, or have birth difficulties).

The decision was make mainly because we believe we can help hard working health workers, and still maintain support from our investors because of the positive publicity this will bring.

As you’d expect we’re going to be a little kamikaze with our donations, we’re not going to be standing with a huge cheque shaking hands with doctors, we’ll have some surprises up our sleeve to gain maximum attention.

We genuinely feel this is an opportunity for Baby Bitcoin to break out from the current market cap and improve life for people that need our help and also our beloved community – thanks as always for your support.

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