About us

what is Baby Bitcoin?

Being on the BSC network she uses far less energy than her dad ever did, she can do things much faster than him and is more versatile in what she can offer.
We welcome you all to her Baby shower and welcome her into the world.
She has a lot of great ideas for future developments and has been keeping an eye on how her dad ruled the world for so long, but she feels she has new ideas and new direction.

She will be looking for a successful launch and paves the way for the future of the family.

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Our July Marketing Plan


Live on pancake swap!

We ran two successful pre-sales and raised nearly 150BNB. We're now live on Pancake swap. Our one and only contract is below:


  • Start:
    pre-sale finished
  • End:
    pre-sale finished
  • Available on:
    pre-sale finished

You can buy Baby Bitcoin on either Pancake swap or Metamask. If you don’t know how to do this, join our TG group and we’ll help you through it.

Buy on Pancake Swap

  • Caps:
    pre-sale finished
  • Min / Max contribution:
    pre-sale finished


The timeline

Here's our timeline, some of these dates may change however due to market conditions..

Jun 21, 2021

Development Begins

Jun 25, 2021

Token Sale Announcement

Jul 2, 2021

Private Pre-sale Starts

Jul 4, 2021

Private pre-sale ends

Jul 5, 2021

Shilling and Marketing

Jul 6, 2021

LP Adding and PancakeSwap Launch

23 Jul, 2021

Staking Pool Launch

Who we are

The Baby Bitcoin Team

We know how important it is for Baby Bitcoin investors to know who they're trusting their money with. We're doxxing at launch so you'll have full visibility on the team and their backgrounds.

Steve Richards

CEO & Lead


Phil Ireland



Ola Ray



Tony Brown

Graphic Design


Common Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get in the TG group - come say hello if you want any more information.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Binance smart chain has the greatest reach and lowest cost of entry. We did consider ETH but we think overall, BSC was the right choice.

Why have a private pre-sale?

Launching a coin is very tricky, stealth launches get no interest, pre-sales are usually overly botted and are dumped quickly. We think a whitelisted private pre-sale is the best way to launch a coin.

What’s with the token burn?

We’ll start with 21 Quadrillion coins, which is a lot but we’ll be burning approximately 21 Trillion coins a week. Pretty unique we think..

Will you lock liquidity?

Yes – we’ll lock PCS liquidity for over a year – probably more. We’re allocating 75% of the pre-sale to the PCS liquidity pool to give investors assurance that we’re a solid coin.

Will you renounce the contract?

Contract renouncement isn’t a silver bullet to a secure coin. Like Safemoon and lots of other coins, we need to retain ownership of the contract to burn the tokens on a weekly basis. The functions of the contract will be safe however and will limit the devs to only verified safe operations.

What are the future plans

Firstly we need to launch and get a solid foundation of investors. After that, we’ll be going for staking, contract audits, exchange listings – the usual stuff tbh.